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Vishansar and Krishansar Lake.

Vishansar & Krishansar Lakes Trek.

5 nights and 6 Days Trek. (Sonamarg - Vishansar Lake and Krishansar Lake Via Nichnai Pass) - 14000/PerSon or $US 215.

Sonamarg being popular for various adventurous activities in Kashmir, located near about 50 Miles (80 km)  from northeast of Srinagar City. Sonamarg is the most effective and popular way (Base camp) to reach beautiful  Vishansar & Krishansar lakes on the basis of adventure and security. The lakes are situated at an elevation of 3710 meters and 71.4577 miles (115 Kilometers) away from Main City of Kashmir (Srinagar). The trekking route remains disconnected from the rest of Kashmir valley for almost 7- 8 months and still depends upon the weather conditions and scale of snow present  on the mountain passes.

Gangabal Lake.

Twin Lakes Trek-Gangabal & Nundkol.

3 nights and 4 Days Trek. ( Naranag - Gangabal Lake via Budhsheri ) -10000/Person or $US 155.

Gangabal lake commonly known as Gangbal Lake is among oligotrophic Alpine lakes of Kashmir and most visited Alpine Lake because the trek difficulty level is moderate and more the base camp for the trek is a known Tourist Village Naranag.  Naranag is located in the lap of  Mount Harmukh and is reachable through tourist taxi and local transport. The  Gangabal Lake is situated at an altitude of  11,750 feet above the sea level.  Next to the Ganagbal Lake, there is one more Lake known as Nundkol which gets water flow from Gangabal Lake and then make a water stream (Wangath River) which flows downstream towards Naranag and is home for the number of Fish species.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek.

A cross over 3 highly elevated mountain passes. Covering 6 Alpine lakes of Himalayas in Kashmir - 20000/Person or $US 300.

“The best view comes after the hardest climb.” Great lakes trek is a trekking expedition in the Himalayan Mountains covering 7 Alpine lakes of Kashmir region. Kashmir Great Lakes lakes trek is fully  adventurous trek through the beautiful meadows of Nichnai Valley  which ends with a mountain pass located at an altitude of  which is 4100 meters above sea level than the trek route level is normal and need to go through terrains of snow capped mountain routes and leads to 2 Great Lakes of Kashmir which are Vishansar and Kishansar Lakes. Kashmir Great Lakes trekking trail is famous over the globe for its natural beauty and rich biodiversity. During the trek, the trekkers will be able to explore the best from what Kashmir has to offer in case of Natural beauty. Trek Kashmir provides a well-managed package of 8 nights and 9 days which includes a buffer day and ponies to carry the load and other backpacks. Ponies to carry the load during the trek and Pick and drop facility from Srinagar Hotel or from Srinagar Airport is inclusive for all listed trekking deals.The same trek can be performed within 7 Days but to reduce the difficulty of the trek, the days have been extended which does help trekkers to explore it is a nice way and also helps to  have a perfect photo shoot to collect awesome memories. Guests are advised to view the full deal for further information

Tarsar Lake, Pahalgam.

Tarsar Marsar Lakes Trek.

6 NIGHTS AND 7 DAYS TREK - Covering 4 Alpine lakes of Himalayas (Tarsar Marsar Lakes, Sundarsar and Surfesar Lake) - 17000/Person or $US 260.

“To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles..” Tarsar Marsar Lakes  trek  difficulty level is  moderate.

Trekking season is limited to the all alpine lakes of Kashmir and same is the case with  Tarsar Marsar Lakes trek. Tarsar Marsar Lakes are located in District Anantnag of Jammu and Kashmir (Forest Block Aru). The trek is Known for its natural beauty with rich biodiversity and for its awesome location. If you have not done any high altitude trek and you want to go for a  trek which is not that much difficult then Tarsar Marsar Lakes trek is the best to match you. Tarsar Lake is an oligotrophic alpine lake of Kashmir surrounded by the highest Mountain of Jammu And Kashmir state (Mount Kolahoi)  and on another side, there is Dagchigam National Park and one more interesting thing is a mountain trek from Tarsar lake leads to the Tajiwas Sonamarg Glacier via Hocksar (A group of small lakes) and via  Surfsar (A hot water snaked shaped lake which is a tributary of river Lidder) Tarsar lake or Tar sar lake is situated at an elevation of  13,000 ft  with green lush and rocky snow-capped mountains and natural flower beds. On the right the Tarsar Lake there is one more alpine Lake named as Marsar Lake. In between the trek a famous triangular piece of Land surrounded by snow-fed water and alpine forests which a base camp for Kolahoi Mountain Expedition names as Lidderwat. Guests are advised to view the full deal for further information.

Sheshnag Lake.

Sheshnag Lakes trek.

Great things happen when humans and mountains meet.

Sheshnag in the Sanskrit language means “the King of Snakes” and As per Hindu Mythology, The Sheshnag Lake was made this Giant snake himself and is still living in the same lake. It is an beautiful high altitude oligotrophic lake in laps of Pir- Panchal and Zanskar  Himalayan Mountain Ranges. The route to Sheshnag originates from  world famous Tourist Hill Resort “Pahalgam” which is 80 Km away from Srinagar ( Main City of Jammu and Kashmir ). The Lake remains surrounded by snow even during summers and  elevation of this Alpine Lakes is 3590 Meters with the length of 1.1 Kilometers and maximum width of 0.7 Km. The route leading to Holy place of Hindu Faith namely Amarnath Cave is the route for Sheshnag Lake too but  we need to follow the Amaranth Trail only for 19 Kilometers and the separate trekking route of 4 Km leads to Sheshnag Lake,  the total distance of Sheshnag Lake trek 23 Kms from Main Road of Pahalgam and the trek duration is 3 nights and 4 days.

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1. Proven Track Record .

Our company is fully based on adventure and Eco tourism in Kashmir. This web application provides you complete information about trekking routes and destinations in Kashmir, Which includes day hikes, Trek to 7 Great lakes of Kashmir , Alpine Lakes of Kashmir,Tarsar Marsar Lakes of Kashmir , Greater Himalayas, 18 beautiful lakes Located in the lap of different ranges of Himalayas. Our hiking trips are of every level, easy, moderate and difficult. We have been awarded in the field of adventure tourism and activities like snow skiing, rafting, rock climbing, para-gliding and are under the same roof with low prices. Having expertise in the field of ecotourism and adventure tourism in Kashmir which enables us to manage your hikes and trekking expeditions in Kashmir in the best and most effective way. We have a proven track record of providing quality trips in Kashmir and explore beauty of Kashmir that exceed our guests' expectations.Kashmir is listed in most beautiful places of world and we are here in Kashmir to manage your hikes and adventure trips in Kashmir with and quality services and best prices . Trek Kashmir have served 3000 tourists (foreigners and Indians ) from 2015 April until April 2018 , We have experience in every corner of Kashmir where you could start your hike.

2. Licensed and Registered under Department of Tourism Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmir is a popular tourist destination over the globe for lesuire tours, cultural tours and for other forms of tourism. Highly elevated snow-capped mountains are covering the valley and are attractive with full of natural beauty and behind these mountains, there is a glimpse of heaven which is more than the expectations of hikers who are lucky and are getting a proper platform to explore beauty behind the mountains of Kashmir. Trek Kashmir is an initiate of Al Safar e Makkah Tour and Travels, (Registered under Department of Tourism Jammu And Kashmir) to introduce trekking routes and destinations of Kashmir to the world using the internet as the main base for the global reach and launched a website with the domain name trekkkashmir.com. Trek Kashmir providing full information about trekking routes and destinations with latest news and frequently asked questions about Trekking and other adventure sports in Kashmir. Trek Kashmir website is responsive over Desktop, Tablet and on Smartphones for the better experience. For booking related queries guests are requested to contact us through booking form available on the website or by means of a phone call or an email.


Trekking is a trending and famous form of ecotourism in the Kashmir and Himalayas. Tour guides have very important roles in trekking tourism as they are not only meant to make the trekking experience enjoyable and safe but also to educate the visitors through interpretation that contribute to the sustainability of the local environment. Trekking Guide is very important to gain the knowledge for hiking, culture, geography, flora and fauna, religious, history. Our commitment is to hire and train the right guides for right treks . To ensure that this guy is a perfect match for this job, Most of the guides are native residents of the trekking destinations, we do filter them on the bases of there physical and mental strength that is why all our guides must go through a medical certification through Government owned hospital Doctors periodically. Apart from that language test is one important skill our guides are going through. We conduct periodic training's to increase the quality level to serve Kashmir and its beauty. These extraordinary men and women have the ability to turn a great get-away into an unforgettable, inspiring - and sometimes truly life changing - adventure.Trekking in Kashmir is no doubt full of beauty but there is no limit of adventure too.


Trek Kashmir provide delicious and hygienic meals, the Dining tent where meals are served and more we customize our menus depending on the preferences of the group, and we never use freeze-dried backpacking meals - you can expect hearty, delicious meals that will optimally boost you and inspire you during the trek! We also regularly accommodate vegetarian, Indian, non-gluten and other specialty diets like Kashmir Wazwan, India famous dishes. ​ We prefer these diets for our guests most of the time because of there medical benefits during the trek in Kashmir. 1.Easy-to-carry foods (Bread, Butter, Jam, and Nuts) 2. Ready-to-eat cereal(freshly prepared ) 3.Fruit or vegetable puree in squeezable pouches (yes, like baby food) 4.Poultry or fish pouches, or canned fish, poultry or meat in individual or regular servings 5.Individual packets of mayo, mustard, taco sauce and/or soy sauce 6.Whole-grain pasta, couscous, rice mix, pancake mix, hot cereal, dried soups, and dehydrated foods. 7. Marshmallows — for a campfire dessert, of course 8.Bottled water, and possibly powdered beverage mixes Apart from that when we talk about India, We must mention the world-famous cuisine of India, Wherever our guest rate our meals, we used to get 5 stars, out of 5. Our cultural dishes are mix up of Indian and Iranian food and we love to serve that to our guests.


When we are talking about a trekking package it includes everything a trekking expedition consists of, Many tour operators exclude the gears from the package and charge separate rent for gears. What is included in our trekking packages in Kashmir is listed below: Pick and drop from Srinagar or from Srinagar Airport, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacks, waterproof pup tents, and other items, on our trips those items are fully included in the trip price. What about pack horses, meals( Breakfast, lunch, and dinner), permit fees and transportation fees? All totally included. In case guests need any seperate transportation facility apart from the current package that will be chargeable. We team of trek Kashmir always working to provide best deals with full facilities. Our main focus is to promote adventure tourism in Kashmir. Our team participated in many environmental workshops of Kashmir and play a major role to support NGOs who are working for the environment of Jammu and Kashmir. (ceeoindia.org ) . Kashmir is full of green lush attractive mountains, white and black glaciers, Densely populated alpine forests, Source of world-famous sweet water lakes and rivers. Once you are part of any trekking expedition or day hike though Trek Kashmir in Jammu and Kashmir, you are playing a role for the better environment of Jammu and Kashmir and it directly has the impact on the global environment.


We are meant to explore Kashmir for tourists and provide a platform which will help tourists in an effective way to explore Kashmir, We got best deals for every type of tourist, whether you are a solo traveler or coming with your family, college friends, We got best deals for Kashmir alpine Lakes Trek, Shorts treks in Kashmir, Family Hikes in Pahalgam, Gulmarg and at other hill resorts of Kashmir, Kashmir is full of natural beauty with rich culture . We provide you with a lifetime membership which will help you to get 10 % discount on your next trip, not only that but if anyone from your family and friends is visiting Kashmir and interested in trekking in Kashmir, they could get benefits from your membership and avail discounts. We understand the importance of time, a lot of tourists cant visit even the most popular tourist destinations of Kashmir, A trip can be an awesome trip if it is managed in an effective way. Trek Kashmir is based in Kashmir and having full knowledge of ways to manage your holidays in Kashmir with lesser prices, quality services and with every security measure. We provide options and help our guests to customize holiday's package in Kashmir on the basis of interests and time frame.


Alpine lakes of kashmir.

Alpine lakes are  playing an important role in balancing the biodiversity of the mother earth and does have a direct impact on alpine landscapes. The ecology of alpine lakes is much similar to the situation in the watershed; therefore, the condition of alpine vegetation may be a co-variate in analyses of alpine lake monitoring data. In addition, alpine lake systems provide sensitive habitat for cultivate and obligate aquatic taxa, support many terrestrial taxa, and contribute to nutrient and hydro-logic recycling. In Kashmir, there are more than 2000 Alpine lakes and only 110 have been explored and named. Alpine lakes are also very sensitive to perturbation, both at local and landscape scales. Accordingly, they were selected as ideal aquatic systems for long-term monitoring in the alpine zones of Himalayas of Kashmir. Alpine  Lakes has been discovered from different regions of the world and had been named as per there traditional languages or by names of there kingdom or by the belief of the region. The most popular Alpine Lakes in the world are been explored by adventure loving people and for other environmental purposes every year during the right season. Some of the famous alpine Lakes of the world are:

  • Lake Sevan, Armenia.
  • Crater Lake, USA.
  • Heaven Lake, North Korea/China.
  • Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan.
  • Rush Lake, Pakistan.
  • Gangabal Lake, Alpine Lake Of Kashmir India.
  • Lake Tahoe, USA.
  • Mountain Lake, USA.
  • Lake Titicaca, Peru/Bolivia (Largest natural alpine lake in the world).
  • Yellowstone Lake, USA.
  • Lake Saiful Muluk, Pakistan.
  • Tenaya Lake, USA.
  • Lake Baikal, Russia.
  • Changu Lake, India.
  • Lake Van, Turkey.This  Article is About Alpine Lakes of Kashmir and will be helpful to explore such beautiful lakes. 

13  most visited Alpine Lakes of Kashmir. In Kashmir, there are more than 2000 Alpine Lakes located in the laps different Himalayan Mountain Ranges. Land disputes between India and Pakistan have made some alpine lakes unreachable for tourism purposes, Some Lakes are located in tough mountain ranges and are not permitted to explore. Below listed lakes are safe and permitted to explore by the Tourism of Jammu and Kashmir. The best time to explore these lakes is from June till September and still depends on the scale of snow over mountains passes.

  1.  Gangabal Lake ( situated at an altitude of 3581.1  meters  above the sea level).
  2. Nundkol Lake.  ( altitude   3352.8 meters above the sea level). 
  3. Vishansar Lake.  (  elevation altitude 3600 meters above the sea level) 
  4. Krishansar Lake.  (  elevation altitude  3710 meters  above the sea level)  
  5. Gadsar Lake. ( altitude elevation 3600 meters above the sea level)
  6. Satsar Lake (3560 meters above the sea level)
  7. Tarsar Lake. (Peak elevation 4000 meters above the sea level )
  8. Marsar Lake. (Peak elevation 4000 meters above the sea level )  
  9. Nandan Sar Lake. (Peak elevation 3500 meters above the sea level )  
  10. Sheshnag Lake. ( Elevation  3590   )
  11. Kausar Nag. (In the lap of mountains elevated at 4000 meters.
  12. Tulian Lake. 
  13. Royal Sar Lake.  
Trek Kashmir  is providing best deals to explore all the alpine lakes even there is a trekking trail which covers 6 of above alpine lakes and the trail is commercially known as Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. Kashmir is full of  beautiful trekking trails, starting from day hikes and multi-day treks to Alpine lakes and other Mountain Expeditions. We got perfect deals for families, film shooting, bloggers. We are always ready for any adventure activity in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh starting from Hiking, river water rafting and ends with skiing in the alps of Gulmarg.

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